Inter Island Manpower Pte Ltd was established with the vision of providing Singapore with elite employment services and best recruitment solutions. Our commitment to excellence in quality services, ethical business practices and corporate social responsibilities led us to be honoured with the Prestigious SME 500 Award in May 2015.

Dormitory Management Services

With the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) stepping up its check on the standards of housing for foreign workers, we bring you this unique service where we will help you monitor and ensure that the living conditions of your workers are adhered to all local regulations.

We offer complete dormitory services from security and recreational services to workers. We are also responsible for the well-being of the workers by ensuring their safety, cleanliness and providing better living standards with well managed recreational facilities within dormitories.
We pride ourselves as a one point solution to help companies manage their workforce requirements and also to overcome dormitory operational challenges through our flawless trouble free tracking systems. These are the benefits our system provides.

  • Monitors staff/ workers’ movements
  • Efficient process in releasing rooms to tenants
  • Detailed record of inventory supplied to each tenant
  • Prevents falsification of documents by workers
  • Ensuring all tenants are legal workers
  • Keep all rooms clean and not overcrowded
  • Conducts necessary repairs in dormitories
  • Ensure that dormitories are well maintained at all times
  • Abiding to MOM’s rules and regulations
  • Full arrangements for HDB whole house management and HDB room management

With our efficient tracking system, designed to optimize and streamline improved dormitory operations’ workflow, we promise with certainty that it will increase productivity and elevate growth of your company.

Labour Management Services

  1. Transportation
    • Worker Arrival Pick- up
    • Worker Repatriation Services
    • Worker Transportation
    • Air Ticket Services
  2. Worker Insurance
    • Bond
    • Medical Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
  3. Course Arrangement
    • MSOC / CSOC Arrangement
    • CGM Arrangement
  4. Bookkeeping Services
    • Reporting – Ledge & TB
    • P&L & BS
  5. Payroll Services
    • Monthly salary
    • IRA8 Services

Local Talent Placement

We provide full-service local talent placement through professional selection of the right candidate for the company in meeting its goals and demands. Our ability to capture opportunity in every market puts us at the forefront of local talent placement and executive search. Underpinning many of these achievements is Inter Island’s leading position which furnishes a niche sector to render complete support in overcoming clients’ recruitment challenges.

Foreign Talent Placement

Due to the lack of talent pool for certain specialised industries in Singapore, there is a massive shortage of skilled manpower in Singapore.

We specialise in sustaining the manpower requirements of our local industries by supplying top foreign talent with top local employers. To ensure you have total peace of mind, we offer value added services to ensure the delivery of highly qualified foreign professionals that fulfil your exact business needs.

We have concrete, well-defined systems in place in order to facilitate the recruitment of personnel from various countries for local placements. We meet the requirements of our clients who need unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled professionals to be deployed for mainly the construction, retail and the food and beverage sectors.

Through Inter Island Manpower Pte Ltd, our foreign manpower recruitment solutions come from a diverse list of countries.

  • Skilled workers from Malaysia, China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar and other neighbouring countries under Work Permit Schemes.
  • Foreign professionals from Malaysia, China, India, Philippines, Myanmarand other neighbouring countries under Special or Employment Pass Scheme.
  • Overseas undergraduate trainees from China and the Philippines up to 6 months of placement.

We render the following foreign employment services:

  • Application of Industrial Classification who are employing foreign workers for the first time
  • Application for In-Principle Approval (IPA) for work permit (WP), Spass (SP) or the employment pass (EP)
  • Arrangement for employers’ representative to interview short listed candidates if necessary
  • Provides transportation for the candidates from Changi Airport to their quarters
  • Assists employers in locating suitable and acceptable lodging for the workers if necessary
  • Arranges for the security bond
  • Arranges for medical insurance
  • In charge of medical check- up arrangement
  • Arranges for collection of work permit, Spass or employment pass
  • Assists in cancellation of work permit, Spass or employment pass
  • Helps in arrangement for renewal of work permit, Spass or employment pass
  • Helps on the collection of work permit, Spass or employment pass
  • Helps candidates to register at the Work Pass Service Centre (WPSC)for thumb print procedures
  • Gives full support and advice in solving any unforeseen problems throughout the period of employment
  • Assists in repatriation of workers upon termination of the employment agreement
  • Arranges for free placement of workers if required
  • Offers other administrative services pertaining to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) so long as workers are still in employment.

Our agency also keeps abreast with the latest changes in the rules and regulations implemented by our Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and fully abides by them with regards to the employment of foreign talents in Singapore.