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Young Taiwanese are leaving Taiwan as their wages are low and stagnant

Why do Taiwanese prefer going abroad to work? As a fresh graduate, the salary in Taiwan is not as competitive as Singapore. These fresh graduates would prefer to gain overseas experience, before returning back to their homeland, to impart their skills learnt and request for a higher salary. In addition to the higher salary, many feel that because they are fighting with so many others for a job position of their liking in Taiwan, it is very hard for them to get a salary they are happy with (as everyone else would lower their expected salary to get a job).

Taiwanese’s motivation to work overseas

Here in Singapore, there has been an increase in Taiwanese individuals working in the service and Food & Beverage sectors. They are also highly sort after. Many of these individuals working in Singapore seem to prefer working in Singapore as it has a competitive working environment. They also receive a salary that is higher than what they would receive k in Taiwan. Some may feel the pressure of a higher cost of living, but many of them do not mind as they are able to save more when working in Singapore. They are also very happy to be able to gain working experience overseas, which will be very valuable for them when they do return home to work in Taiwan.

With every 100 placement, we will donate $1500 to charities

Here at Inter Island Group, we believe in giving back to the community. For every 100 placement, we donate $1500 to our charities that we support. In addition to charitable contributions, we have built a school in Cambodia for the children to learn how to read and write, giving them a chance to have a better future. As our director has always believed that our community is important, and without them, we would not have been able to experience the success of today. By ensuring that these children are not left out, will help keep our future safe, because these kids will be out future leaders and people of the world.

Taiwan has seen the opportunities in Singapore and Macau

In recent years, Taiwan has seen an increase in their citizens sourcing for overseas job vacancies. And here in Inter Island’s Taiwan office, we have an interview session filled with 100 new candidates hoping for the chance to venture beyond their homeland for a job abroad. This session is important as it advices these individuals on some precaution to take when working in an environment they are not familiar with, and to make certain that they will commit to taking on this new challenge.
Many employers do prefer hiring Taiwanese as they are able to communicate efficiently with Singaporeans, and they do possess a good working attitude. Taiwanese also see it as a chance to learn a new language (English) as it is the first language spoken in Singapore.
There are Taiwanese who would prefer to work in Macau, as they offer an even higher salary as compared to Singapore.

Young Taiwanese coming to Singapore, is a unique opportunity

Here at Inter Island, which is based in Singapore, has seen the growth of Taiwanese coming to Singapore to look for a job. To compliment this increasing demand, we decided to set up an office in Taiwan to provide the assistance required.
Our office in Taiwan has a multitude of services ranging from local Taiwan placements to placements all over the world. This helps us achieve our group’s goal of being a one-stop solution for all your needs.
Singaporeans have a tendency to prefer Taiwanese as the way they speak is much softer as compared to those from Mainland China, who sound much harsher when speaking. Taiwanese also prefer a higher salary in an unknown company rather than a popular company with a lower salary.

Why Taiwanese prefer to work in Singapore?

Many Taiwanese have seen the opportunities available in Singapore, and have made the move to migrate here. Some even feel that the difference in income is worth moving out of your comfort zone, to experience a different working environment. For example, a Taiwanese family decided to move to Singapore as they felt there was a good market to sell Taiwan street snacks, and brought along his family to Singapore.
The Singapore government was also pushing to increase the population, so they welcomed the increase interest for those looking to find opportunities in Singapore.
Another Taiwanese who works in Singapore mentioned that she does feel home sick, especially when she has fallen ill. As everyone else she knows is usually working, she has the need to look after herself.

A detailed understanding to the opportunities of working in Singapore

In this video, we look into the opportunities given to three different professions: X-ray specialist, Chinese language teacher and a salesman. These Taiwanese have chosen to take a different career path, by leaving the place they grew up in, to venture out into the working world.
They, too, find Singapore an appealing country to work in. they feel that with the salary here, they would be able to live comfortably, although there are some drawbacks. Here in Singapore, they would receive a higher salary as compared to if they were working in Taiwan. Although Singapore does have a higher cost of living, they are still able to live and work comfortably.

What attracts Taiwanese to work overseas?

Here in Taiwan, many fresh graduates feel that working abroad will be able to increase their experience gained and that they will be able to earn a better salary than in Taiwan.
In the past 10 years, there has been an increase of 9% for Taiwanese salaries, whereas in Singapore the increase is about 38%. But with this increase in salary, the cost of living in Singapore has also increased over the years. Not forgetting, the exchange rate between the Singapore and Taiwan currency. When Taiwanese change their salary back to the Taiwanese currency, they do earn more in Singapore.
In addition to the currency rate, it can be easy for Taiwanese to find a occupation in Singapore as the Manpower laws state that you need only 1 to 2 Singaporeans working fulltime, then can you hire 1 Taiwanese.

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